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Posted: November 09, 2005

Good news and bad news!

Today is November 9 and my news is as follows:

The Good: I got Tom and Jerry the Spotlight Collection vol. 2. It came while I was at work and poped it in my DVD player on my laptop. I watched a couple cartoons...most of the ones with Mammy Two-shoes. I watched "Puss gets the Boot", "Triplet Trouble" and "Saturday Evening Puss"; and as far as I know they have not been edited. This is seems to be pretty good.

now for..

The Bad news: The disc was ordered through and it came to me damaged. Though I was able to view both DVD's and there wasn't a problem while playing. But to easy my mind I contact and got things straightened out. They are sending me a replacement since the DVD was damaged during shipment. So I'm sending the DVD back. I hope the replacement comes non-damaged.

Also, one of the movie news site that I frequent has a review of Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry. I've contacted the author of the article. The site has content in it that my not be suitable for young children. I'll keep you guys posted.

Posted: October 31, 2005


Ok, this just totally came in under the radar. I was not aware of a new Tom and Jerry being release to DVD. That's right fans, not only does this month bring in Tom and Jerry: The Spotlight Collection volume 2, but this:

I found out about it at Here's the write up off their site:
The always entertaining adventures of TOM AND JERRY just got even more crazy as they enter a death-defying car race in THE FAST AND THE FURRY. With an incredibly lofty abode up for grabs, the winner of the contest will be living the high life, so both Tom and Jerry take to a variety of vehicles as they attempt to win this round-the-world jaunt. Naturally some carnage ensues, and a few world-famous landmarks are left with a few bruises in the wake of the intrepid characters adventures, but it's all executed in the usual, loveable TOM AND JERRY style.

Yup, Happy Halloween fans. I am totally out of the loop since I completely missed this new DVD coming this month. I haven't seen this in the stores yet...then again I haven't been looking for it.

I haven't gotten the Spotlight Vol 2. yet....been too busy this week.

Posted: October 30, 2005

The last Sunday before the end of October and the day before October 31st (Halloween) I give you a special treat:

17 new images in the picture gallery!


Been really busy this week and these last couple days...I haven't had a chance to get the new Tom and Jerry DVD :-[

Posted: October 25, 2005, October 25th, is the day that the Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection:V2 comes out. I for one have mixed feelings about. Due to the issues of the previous release, though I still enjoy the DVD and own it. It's Tom and Jerry, after all.

However, fans are up in arms about this latest release...check out this forum thread. Not sure what to make of some of their arguments. I will be purchasing this set sometime this week and form my opinion then and share it with you guys. Anyone already get this set?

Posted: October 18, 2005

It's almost the end of October!...It's October 18 and I have something to share:

Tom And Jerry - Parade - Jigsaw Puzzles Direct


Tom And Jerry - Mechanical Dog - Jigsaw Puzzles Direct

Posted: September 21, 2005

Just a quick little note. Nothing majorly new except that today the 21st of September I've launched a new version of Tom and Jerry Online that has been optimized for the Sony PSP internet browser. *insert grand fanfare here*

So, for those of you that have the Sony PSP and use it's internet browser you can now enjoy this site more :-]

I have some updates planned for the site. It's slow going now due to projects at work and at home but they are in the works.

Oh...on the DVD front: Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection:V2

Pre-order it from

*** On a side note...question for all you gamers out there. I've been trying to get to NewKidCo's website for the last couple of days to see if they are coming out with any more Tom and Jerry Video Games and haven't been able to get to it. Has any one heard anything about them? Did the go defunct? Did they get bought out/absorbed by a large conglomerate?

Posted: September 13, 2005

Had some time to do an upload today the 13th of September. I've added 2 sounds: a better quality sound byte of "Is you Is or Is you ain't my Baby" from "Solid Seranade", along with the theme to "Tom and Jerry Kids". Thanks Dan for the Solid sound byte. I can't remember who sent me the theme song, but Thanks!

Posted: September 05, 2005

Happy Labor Day!
Why do they call it Labor Day if the whole idea of it seems to be to NOT do any labor...


Some really cool news came my way a couple days ago and I finally had some time to look at it. It is this: New Tom and Jerry Short.

Yep! You read that right, apparently there is a new short in the works and Joseph Barbera is producing it. Yo Joe! I haven't heard too much about this short, but the article is basically about the guy that is composing it. What is really cool is they are going back to the way they use to do the music in the 40's cartoon.

Thanks Robert for letting us know!

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