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Posted: August 11, 2005

August 11, 2005:

I'm getting married this weekend and will be on holiday I won't be able to answer emails until I get back in a couple of weeks.

Posted: August 10, 2005

Sorry for the downtime folks. The server the site was sitting on was being flakey, so we moved the site over to a different machine.

Thanks for your patience.

4 more days! :-]

Posted: August 03, 2005

11 days an counting till wedded bliss. YAY!

Anyway, stumbled upon this link on Wednesday August the 3rd day: Tom and Jerry Plush Toys

So for those of you that have been looking for plush toys, look no further than the above link.

Posted: July 29, 2005

Found some time today, July 29 to fix the Forums. So for those of you that have been waiting on the forums, wait no longer, the forum is up.

Posted: July 14, 2005

Good news everyone!

Not only am I 31 days from wedded bliss, but this July 14, 2005 brings us news of some great interest...a new Spotlight Collection!

Tom and Jerry: The Spotlight Collection Vol 2!
Here is the link that I received this morning:

What bugs me though is that we still haven't heard ANYTHING about the rumored replacements for the first collection and I'm starting to lose so hope that there ever will be a replacement.

Anyway, thanks Drew for letting us know!

On a side note, Aaron over at the New Tom and Jerry Information site sent me this little bit of news:

New Tom & Jerry On CN July 23-24

Set your dial for a Cartoon Network @ 7 AM (EDT) next weekend, as the 1975 Hanna-Barbera New Tom & Jerry TV cartoons are slated to air once again.

Saturday, July 23, will see "HB T&J #16/HB T&J #13/HB T&J #18" and on Sunday, July 24, "HB T&J #14/HB T&J #17/HB T&J #15" will air.

Please don't ask which New T&J cartoons will air, because I am totally unaware! I assumed "Stay Awake Or Else..." (80-01), "An Ill Wind" (80-05) and "No Bones About It" (80-04) would air Saturday, June 25 and "No Way, Stowaways" (80-03), "The Ski Bunny" (80-02) and "Beach Bully" (80-06) on Sunday, June 27, and CN ran totally different ones. And last weekend was a mix of theatrical and made-for-TV H-B cartoons.

So let's hope this next weekend is an improvement.

Thanks Aaron!

Also, the forum is still down as I don't have anytime untill after the wedding to really work on it. :-[

Posted: July 08, 2005

36 days till the wedding...and I'm going insane... anyway....

I recently got an email from a fan out in Australia that has some William Hanna artwork:

"My name is Chuck and live in Australia. I have come across a Bill Hanna early watercolor called Moth's......I am an art dealer and am interested in finding out if there is anyone out there collects his early works. It is from l940. Please let me know if you can help. "

He can be reached here:

Posted: May 30, 2005

Happy Memorial Day!

Well, I just discovered some issues with the forum/Clubhouse that I can't resolve quickly. I have to take the forums down for a little bit in order to work on things. The posts will remain up so no worries on that. I'll let everyone know as soon as possible wihen I have the forums back to normal.

Posted: May 26, 2005

Sorry for the lack of updates recently....things are a bit hectic in my life with the wedding plans.

Thank you for all the emails and the visit. It really is amazing how many love Tom and Jerry and how many people really enjoy this site!

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