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Posted: March 20, 2005

Ok...9 days into engagement and all is sorta well. Planning a wedding shouldn't be so difficult. Though things are falling into place, there are a few major potholes in the road that are causing some headaches and lack of sleep. Anyway, I took some time today on this cold sunday, March 20, to watch the Tom and Jerry Movie...again. Yup, this is the second time in a month that I've watched this movie and I have to say that it not a bad movie. It's a lot better than the last couple of releases. Head on over to the DVD/VHS section to check out the review.

Posted: March 11, 2005

Today is a wonderful day. I have asked my girlfriend, Jennifer, to marry me and she said YES! I am officially engaged.

Here is what happened:

It all started in January, around the time of our one year anniversary of dating. Her dad came over one day to install a new garbage disposal unit in my kitchen sink. We spent a few hours together and when every was completed I asked him for permission to marry his daughter. To say he was shocked is an understatement, but once he composed himself he gave me permission. Once I had that, I began prepping for how I was going to do it.

One idea stuck out to me the most but I was struggling with the logistics of it all so I tried alternative ideas for how I was going to propose to, Jenn. I explained my idea to another friend and told her about my reservations about the way I was going to propose, but she reassured me that how I was going to propose was so me and that I should proceed with my plan.

My plan was simple..make a piece of art and somehow hang it in a gallery. So I started looking around for gallery space and contacted a friend of mine that is a director of an art gallery and asked for a huge allow me to hang a piece of artwork that was part of a proposal. I got her approval, I had gallery space for one image.

So I got to work on making the image for the day. I got it to the point where I needed another persons opinion on it...the one person whose opinion mattered, Jenn's. That's right she saw the image that I was going to use to ask her, but it had different wording and imagery on it. She like the layout and the image...unbeknownst to her. Well that evening, when she left I returned to the computer and finished the "real" image and sent it to get print.

Now the wait, till today March 11th. It was about a 3 week wait for the opening of the group show that I had my image in. So in the mean time I got things the ring and framing the artwork and letting Jenn know about the group art show that we would be attending.

March 11, the day of the opening...I pick Jenn up at her home and drive to the gallery. All the while, nervous as all get out, but I hid it well. We walked around a bit at the gallery and led her to where the art was hung. As we rounded the corner she looked at the wall were my art was and she looked at me and said, "That looks like your style". I said, "Yeah, look familiar?".

We got closer as she read the words, "Will you marry me?", she was awestruck, and turned around only to find me on one knee holding the ring out. She was blurting out..."Your picture is asking me to marry...your asking me to marry you??"

I asked, "Will you marry me?" at which she responded, "You are really asking me this...".

"Yes, Jenn, Will you marry me...." then she hugs me and says that she will. :-]

It took her a few minutes to stop jumping up and down with joy so that I could actually put the ring on her finger. :-]

We walked around the gallery are few minutes more...not really looking at artwork. :-]

There are a lot more details, but you get the gist of it.

Posted: February 28, 2005

Today is the last day of February, 2005 (a non-leap year).
Tom and Jerry came second yesterday in a poll in the UK: Channel4 - 100 Greatest Cartoons

Posted: February 17, 2005

Quick note:

Tom and Jerry Online will be down for a short while on February 18, 2005 between the hours of 10:00PM till 2:00AM EST. This is due to some needed server maintence. We will be back online on February 19.

Posted: February 16, 2005

Hello all you Tom and Jerry fans!

It is February 16, 2005, at least when I post this...anyway, just a quick note. Recently, I've became affiliated with in an effort to better direct the fans to Tom and Jerry merchandise. With that, I've become an affiliate with as well.

I get a lot of emails from fans in the UK and overseas...specifially DVD Region 2 :-] So, for those with Region 2 or Region Free DVD Player head over to Shop

Posted: February 09, 2005

Ah. February 9. Spring is coming close....I'm happy about that. However, the icy grip of winter is still here. I have a sore throat...again. I dislike the winter. Anyway, enough about stuff that doesn't pertain to Tom and Jerry. On to some Tom and Jerry tid bits.

I started a review on Tom and Jerry: Blast off to Mars. I don't have a full review yet, but I plan on it in the next couple of days. The show wasn't too bad. I was trying to have an unbiased and open minded viewing, but the purist kept butting heads with it. But, it was a fun little show. I'll tell more in my review. I also added Tom and Jerry The Movie to the review list...well to the DVD list. I have already reviewed the VHS. However, I plan on watching it again and re-examing the movie. One strike against The Movie DVD is that it was not released in Widescreen format. *sigh*

Anyway, I'm still avoiding the Spotlight review. I need to just carve out some time to review that one. The documentaries in the Spotlight Collection are most excellent and well worth the price of the set.

Speaking of reviews. Since I'm doing them on several different cartoons, I noticed that the section could use some improvement. I might be making changes to that. Not sure when, though.

Posted: February 05, 2005

Happy February 5th. Just 1 day away from Superbowl Sunday. And as a tribute to the mass commercialism that is the NFL, and professional sports for that matter, I have finally become an affiliate with

Yes, folks, after telling people over the years to go checkout fo find various things like DVDs or Videos, I have made it a little easier to find stuff. You will notice, to the left, that there is a new link in the navigation called Shop There you will find all the Tom and Jerry products offered through

Please keep in mind, that I'm not selling anything. It is through an associate/affiliate program with that those products are listed on this site. So don't ask if I can get certain products...that is a question to ask Amazon. :-]

Posted: January 29, 2005

January 29

I just bought the Tom and Jerry: Blast off to Mars DVD, plus The Tom and Jerry Movie on DVD. I know, I know...but I wanted it on DVD and it had some old shorts on it. Plus it was $10. :-]

Anyway, I'll try to get some reviews going on the DVD's that I have, plus on the spotlight collection (still bitter about it). Hopefully, things will slow down a bit for me as I'm juggling many things.

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