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Posted: October 20, 2004

October 20, 2004
The Plot Thickens

I got several emails about my post this morning:

I thought I'd let you know that the missing song lyric is apparently only missing in the stereo track and not in the original mono. There are also several other cartoons that have been edited and there's a lot of talk about these edits going on at the two below sights. Jerry Beck has stated that WB is very upset about these edits and they will be offering a replacement.


From what I heard....
The Milky Waif (1946) and The Little Orphan (1948) are edited because of the blackface scenes, but Warner home video will set up a disc exchange to get the uncut versions The Frere Jacques song from Touche Pussycat (1954) I guess was omitted when the cartoon was dubbed in stereo (dunno why) It also seems that most of the cartoons are of the same quality as you see on Cartoon Network or Boomerang,

Here are some links to forum topics about this:

The Animation Show Forums -> Tom & Jerry DVD Censored!

GAC Forums - Tom & Jerry Spotlight Collection Censored!

Posted: October 20, 2004

I bought it last night. But my feelings are a mixture of Joy and Outrage.

First the Joy:
I only had time to watch a few cartoons last night, but I was just happy that there was a new Tom and Jerry DVD out that was given a treatment like was LONG overdue.

Second...the Outrage:
I will be biting the hands that feed me on this. I am not a happy camper! I watched, for the first time in my life, the letterbox version (original version) of Touche' Pussycat. To my horror it was EDITED!!!! In the original version Nibbles/Tuffy is painting a goofy looking Tom on the wall he is singing "Frere Jacque". In version on the DVD it is cut! Gone! Nibbles/Tuffy is NOT singing the song! The only semblence of it's prior existence in the film is that the melody is singing. My question is WHY! Why was it cut?!? Please someone explain this to me. Did I get a bad DVD? Or was it intentionally cut? Why was it cut from it's original Oscar Winning Version!!!!!!!! What is wrong with these lyrics:
Frere Jacque, frere Jacque
Dormez-vous, dormez-vous ?
Sonnez les matines, sonnes les matines
Din, dan, don
Din, dan, don
Are you sleeping, are you sleeping
Brother John, brother John ?
Morning bells are ringing,
Morning bells are ringing,
Ding, ding, dong
Ding, ding, dong
This weekend I'm going to try to sit down and watch the set and give a more indepth review. But with this initial gut punch edit, I shudder to think what else has been changed. Man! Is it too much to ask for uncut versions?

Maybe I have a bad copy of the DVD. Did any one else who bought this DVD experience this? Let me know please!

Posted: October 17, 2004

October 17, 2004
2 more days!!!

That right 2 more days till the 2-disc DVD set is released. October 19 is the day that the DVD will be released. I'm soo happy!

In other news....the girlfriend and I have just celebrated 9 months of dating. YAY US!

Halloween is just around the corner. I know that there are a lot of fans out there that are looking for costumes. I have no idea where you might get them. The only place that I've found anything is here: .

So if any knows where one might find a costume, PLEASE let me know!

Christmas is just around the least it seems that way since they are already selling Christmas stuff. Ugh! Anyway, if you are looking for that perfect gift for the Tom and Jerry fan, look no further than here: T-Shirt and Charm braclet stuff

Posted: October 06, 2004

Today is October 6, 2004 and I was doing a little search on the Tom and Jerry Laserdiscs and found someone selling "The Art of Tom and Jerry: Vol III Laserdisc". If you have $300 US to spend, this would be worth it.

Tom and Jerry on Laserdisc

Posted: September 27, 2004

A bit of news today, the last Monday of September.

My friend, Peter, sent me this link off the BBC. Tom and Jerry have toped the their [BBC] cartoon survey.

Here's the article

By the way, October 19th is soon approaching! Pre-Order the new Tom and Jerry 2-Disc DVD from AMAZON.COM

Posted: September 13, 2004

Are you having a case of the "Mondays"? (OfficeSpace reference for those that don't know the quote) If so, here is something that will brighten your Monday, September 13...The news you've been waiting for:

Tom and Jerry's Spotlight Collection

Posted: September 08, 2004

2 days have passed since I last put up a news post. I got some more information in regards to the news post from the 6th of September.

The five volumes of Tom and Jerry cartoons mentioned on your newspage at are the region 2 United Kingdom release. They comprise 112 early Hanna-Barbera, plus all 13 Gene Deitch cartoons. (which suggests two missing Hanna-Barbera cartoons, although checking the episode listing, so far the only missing one I can find is The Million Dollar Cat). Volume six is apparently going to contain all 34 Chuck Jones produced cartoons. They definitely include many cut versions, cropped versions of most of the Cinemascope cartoons and several have the 'new' voice of Mammy. They are a start, but far from definitive, and I can't think why they left two episodes out of the collection.

Thanks Andrew to the info!

Posted: September 06, 2004

Happy Labor Day! (Sept 6, 2004)
[why is is called Labor Day when in fact you are not at your job laboring but at home preparing a barbeque? anyway...]

I got an email that you guys might be intersted in.

Just want to point out that most Tom & Jerry cartoons are now available on DVD. Volume 1 to 5 are released and volume 6 is due for release September 20th.

Out of all the cartoons available on the 3 Laserdisc boxes "The Art of Tom & Jerry", only 4 cartoons are missing, while a number of others are added.

I'm not sure of the cartoons, myself. I don't know if they are cut or uncut. If anyone knows...please pass the information on to me :-]

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