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Posted: June 30, 2004

Greetings on the morning of the last day of the month of June.

Topps just released the new 2004 Wacky Packages series finally and recently! Here's a scan of the Tom and Jerry spoof called "Tomb and Buried" (seen on a Welch's Grape Jelly spoof called "Welt's Grape Jelly").

Darryl has been kind enough to send me a scan of the image:

Thanks Darryl!!

Posted: June 25, 2004

A quick note today the 25 of June.

I was searching around that internet and discovered that is selling a Tom and Jerry T-shirt! Actually...They are selling a LOT of Tom and Jerry stuff. Go there and check it out!

Plus, I was looking for any info on the upcoming DVD release that is being kept really hush hush, when I stumbled upon this forum thread at Very interesting discussion, but nothing solid...DAG NABIT!!!!(shakes fist in the air)

Posted: June 22, 2004

It is June 22, 2004.
It is about 1:30pm where I'm at.

And it is about time I updated this site....well, I'm working on that. Please be patient. :-]

Posted: June 01, 2004

Wow June First. Where has the time gone?

Anyway, a quick note today. I'm still working on a forum for this site, so keep your eyes open. But that is not what I'm letting you guys know about. Here's what I'm letting you guys know about:

I HATE SPAM!! Before, it was just a nuisance, now it's gone beyond that. Getting spam is to be expected with a site this large, on top of all the viruses I keep getting, ugh (thank you Norton for catching them all).

There is a site that to help curb the amount of Bulk Email/Spam that hits your email box. The site is: you can go to this service and register your email just like millions of people did last year for the "Do Not Call" list; they will take you off bulk email lists all over the country. If you appreciated the decrease in your phone calls, this service will work the same. Using the Can-Spam Law, we as email users don't have to wait for the government. This is something they can do for us but they need our help. The government still has no timetable set for a "do not email" list. WHY WAIT? Check out and sign up. It is 100% free. If you think this is great pass this along to all of your email acquaintances.

I just signed up today.

Posted: May 15, 2004

Ah a lazy May 15th Saturday, but some BIG news!

First off: the episode guide now has a search feature to it! Enjoy. Keep in mind that there maybe a few bugs in it and I may improve it a bit. But for now, it works fine.

Secondly: I think I may add a forum to the site. This may take some time. I know, there are plenty of forum sites that I can use, but I'm not going that route. I have my own forum that I can use :-] Anyway...

When will I implament this? I'm not sure. Just know that it is in the works.

Posted: May 09, 2004


Ok, I've updated the site...I've added 16 new images to the picture gallery and I've added a new coloring image in the coloring gallery.

So enjoy the new images and Happy Mother's Day!

Posted: May 04, 2004

Just got news of a new Tom and Jerry games. Here's the press release for today the 4th of May:


For Immediate Release Tuesday the 4th of May 2004

Tom and Jerry Triumph
iDTV Glory For Classic Cat And Mouse Double Act

AWARD-WINNING GAME DEVELOPER Denki successfully captures the elusive essence of one of the world's favourite cartoons in Tom and Jerry in "MOUSE PARTY" for Sky Gamestar and Cartoon Network.

The fast-paced, action-packed fun takes place in and around the house and garden common to Tom and Jerry's greatest escapades. This provides the ideal setting for a unique combination of close-shave chases, tense stealth play and extreme cartoon violence.

Players control Jerry who dashes, smashes and bashes his way around the highly interactive environment, using furniture as cover, obstacles or platforms and avoiding cats and traps. Cats are attacked with whatever Jerry lays his hands on, from frying pans and pokers to bowling balls and dynamite. Frantic chases are all the more thrilling thanks to a special system designed to ensure that the cats make challenging and entertaining playmates.

Cats are seen and heard to comically react to Jerry's presence, displaying a range of emotions such as surprise, fear, curiosity and confusion. They are also stupid enough to be encouraged to run into traps or attack each other by mistake. Remarkably, Denki has made a game that's actually funny to watch and play.

Commenting today, Denki's Managing Director, Colin Anderson said: "This has been one of the most successful projects we have undertaken with Sky and Cartoon Network. The fact that it was designed, built, tested, refined and ready for launch in just over nine weeks is quite an achievement, even by our own high standards. Everyone who's played it says it looks and feels like a quality console game."

Sky Gamestar's Senior Games Development Manager, David Bishop agrees: "It's an outstanding treatment of a distinguished brand and a welcome addition to Sky Gamestar's already unrivalled line-up."

Cartoon Network iTV & Mobile Content Manager, Joe Braman, added: "The game is great, challenging, fun, addictive and hits the brand perfectly. I couldn't put the remote down until I had finished it."

Tom and Jerry in "MOUSE PARTY" is live exclusively on Sky Gamestar as of Thursday the 6th of May 2004. Just press the INTERACTIVE button on your Sky Remote Control...

For further information and materials contact Penny Malcolm.
Voice: +44 (0) 1 382 308 645
Fax: +44 (0) 1 382 308 688

About Denki
Tom and Jerry in "MOUSE PARTY" is another pedigree release from the Denki stable.

Formed in 2000 by four industry veterans, Denki excels in making what it likes to call "digital toys and games" work effectively on limited technology platforms such as interactive Digital Television (iDTV), Mobile Phones and handheld consoles.

Denki's own brands include the award-winning sticky blocks 'puzzler' Denki Blocks!, the compulsive Caterpillar Crunch, the distracting Duopolis and the extraordinary yet entrancing Bips!

Denki has also worked its magic on trusted brands such as David Beckham, Atari's Super Breakout, Taito's Bust-A-Move, Namco's Pac-Man, Universal's HULK, Cartoon Network's Courage The Cowardly Dog and Looney Tunes from Warner Bros.


I'll be putting up screenshots and images later in the week.

Posted: May 02, 2004

It's May!!!
It's May 2, 2004!

First off...sorry for the lack of updates to the site (aside from the redesign). My only excuse is that I've been really busy with stuff that have kept me away from updating the site. Namely I had to reformat my home computer so things are still getting reorganized.

Secondly...I and another fan have a mystery on our hands. He has a drawing of Jerry and would like to know from which episode/timeframe it was produced. You can find the drawing here:

Jerry Drawing 1 - color
Jerry Drawing 2 - inversed color
Jerry Drawing 3 - B&W

Send me an email if you have any info regarding this drawing.

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