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Posted: March 03, 2004

Happy March 3!

Well, my life is hectic, but I have DVD news for those that live in Sweden..courtesy of Gabriel:

4 Tom & Jerry DVD:s will be released in Sweden, here is the link for the website that are selling them...(dont know if they are the imported ones from UK or not)

Tom & Jerry - Den kompletta samlingen - Vol 1

If the link doesnt work enter and search for Tom & Jerry.

Thanks Gabriel for letting us know!

Posted: February 25, 2004

Ok, lots of news regarding the DVD's being released in the UK and Germany:

First the UK Press Release:

Tom and Jerry Classic Collection 1 Warner Home Video have announced "Tom and Jerry Classic Collection 1" for release on 5th April. Priced at £12.99 "Tom and Jerry Classic Collection 1" includes Tom and Jerry's first outing "Puss Gets The Boot" plus 23 other classics including:

  • The Midnight Snack
  • The Night Before Christmas
  • Fraidy Cat
  • Dog Trouble
  • Puss 'N' Toots
  • Yankle Doodle Mouse
  • Sufferin' Cats
  • The Bowling Alley Cat
  • Fine Feathered Friend
  • The Lonesome Mouse
  • Baby Puss
  • The Zoot Cat
  • The Body Guard
  • Puttin' on the Dog
  • Mouse Trouble
  • The Mouse Comes To Dinner
  • Mouse In Manhattan
  • Tee for Two
  • Flirty Birdy
  • Quiet Please!
  • Springtime for Thomas
  • The Milky Waif
  • Trap Happy
From the PR:

A comprehensive range of Tom and Jerry Classic Collections are set for release throughout 2004 giving fans of all ages the chance to collect the renowned works of the legendary Hanna-Barbera, Gene Deitch, Fred Quimby and Chuck Jones - a unique opportunity to relive and own part of the Golden Age of Animation.

Collecting together the works of each producer, Classic Collection 1 starts with the cartoons of the great Fred Quimby and also includes the Hanna-Barbera years 1940-1958. Hollywood legend Quimby is largely regarded as creating THE Tom & Jerry episodes. He won seven Academy Awards for various Tom & Jerry shorts and received numerous nominations for his animated works.

Few characters have proven to be as enduring as Tom and Jerry. By far two of the nations most loved cartoon characters the trouble twosome consistently feature in Boomerang's top 3 rated programmes and are highly rated when shown on BBC1 with over half a million fans tuning in to grab a piece of the paw licking, cat scratching action.

Packed full of classic high-octane chases, wild slapstick action, exciting music and visually vibrant colours, such comprehensive cartoon compilations have never been available on DVD before. So sit back and enjoy the excitement, rivalry and friendship of one of the best loved animation double acts of all time!

Look out for Tom and Jerry Classic Collection 2 released on 3rd May 2004!

Here are the covers for the 3rd and 4th collection for the German DVD's:

Posted: February 20, 2004

Today is the 20th of February and I have some more news on the DVD front from my friend Kamran:

As you already know, the Vol. 1 & 2 will be released on 30th March here on germany ( Now, added 2 new Products: Vol. 3 and 4 of the collection. There aren't any box covers yet. These two DVDs will be released on 23th April in germany.:

Tom & Jerry - The Classic Collection Vol. 3

Tom & Jerry - The Classic Collection Vol. 4

Here is the Translation of the german text of the covers (1&2): About 1 1/2 hours "crazy" (animal) fun with Tom and Jerry

Posted: February 16, 2004

Some updates and News today the 16th day of the 2 month of the year 2004.

News: My friend Scara informed me that the UK is getting 2 Tom and Jerry DVD releases on April 12 of this year.

Covers are from the German release. You can pre-order the UK DVD's now from

Updates: I've changed the gallery around a bit. I fixed a small bug that I encountered and I've changed the way things are being displayed. There are now 20 thumbnails to a page and they are displayed form lasted additions to oldest. So anything new will be on the first page of the gallery. More updates coming soon.

Posted: February 10, 2004

Some info from my friend Kamran out in Germany.

There is going to be a DVD collection released in March of this year. Here's the link that he sent me:

Thanks Kamran for the info!

Posted: February 06, 2004

Just a quick note today, the 6th of February. A fellow fan, Kamran, sent me an email about another place that is selling the DVD box set from Asia. Here's the place:

Posted: January 28, 2004


Ok, for those looking for the Art of Tom and Jerry on Laserdisc look no further than here: eBay.

That's right folks. The Holy Grail of Tom and Jerry...Over 150 Uncut, original, -NOT EDITED FOR CONTENT*- Tom & Jerry + other MGM Cartoons from 1940 to 1967.

Let the bidding begin!!!

Bidding ends 5 days from today, January 28, 2004. Good Luck!

Posted: January 26, 2004

News for January 26, 2004.

I was going through some files on my computer and happened upon some Tom and Jerry pictures that I had forgotten about. I plan on adding them to the site shortly. I'm not going to give an exact date since for the next week my life is more complicated than normal. :-]

Needless to say it will be in the next couple of weeks..possibly during the early days of February. With this update I plan on fixing some issues that I discovered with the picture gallery. I think I'm going to set it up to display the latest additions first and the oldest pictures last.

I still haven't heard anything new about DVD box set from Warner Brothers.

By the way, if anyone has any information regarding Tom and Jerry kids, specifically episode guide, please email me. I am aware of the guide at and but there is no synopsis and I'm not familiar enough with that series to put up any information about. So if you have anything about Tom and Jerry Kids, please let me know.

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