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Updates - Round 1

Posted: March 14, 2012

It has begun!

Okay, overly epic intro, but hey, it's nearly 80 degrees F in March in the Midwest US and I'd rather be outside.

Round 1 of my updates for the week is 21 new images to the picture gallery. Some are large and some are not so large, but all are Tom & Jerry goodness.

Now for a shameless plug! Score the amazing Threadless design, Robots! I was promised Robots!, to help it get printed!: This is a design that I submitted that I hope will win to be made into a T-shirt. Sorry, it's not a Tom & Jerry shirt...not allowed to do that I'm afraid.

See you at the next update!

New Updates Coming soon

Posted: March 12, 2012

I'm planning on a small update here in the next couple of days or so. I also plan on reviewing Tom and Jerry in the Dog House as well!

Just got some specifics on Tom and Jerry: In the Dog House and a trailer!

Tom and Jerry: In the Dog House (Release date: 3/6)

Tom and Jerry are at it again! But there's a new ingredient to their classic chase recipe -- just add Spike! It's hound heaven as everyone's favorite bulldog, Spike (and son, Tyke) get in on the fun in this pup-packed collection.

These 22 doggie-delightful shorts are guaranteed to have fans howling! Join Spike and Tyke in their many dealings with the fast and furious duo. Whether he's on guard duty, or simply trying to catch a nap, you can bet that Tom & Jerry's fur-fueled antics are guaranteed to rattle Spike's cage. And an angry Spike usually spells hard times for Tom -- with a little coaxing from Jerry, of course! Leash-up for some K9-filled fun for the entire family!

Buy Tom and Jerry: In the Dog House here

3 new DVDs on the way

Posted: February 27, 2012

Happy Almost end of February!

Next month brings us not 1 but 3 new Tom and Jerry DVDs:

Wall Decor

Posted: February 02, 2012

Hello Groundhog day!

The little rodent has shown us some wall decor found here: Tom and Jerry Giant Wall Stickers

Tom and Jerry Giant Wall Sticker

New DVD coming soon!

Posted: January 28, 2012

Happy Saturday! Man! Where did January go?

Just got word about a new Tom and Jerry DVD coming out from our friends at TV Shows on DVD:

single-disc title would be a mixture of original Tom and Jerry shorts, and cartoons from the more recent Tom and Jerry Tales program, and at the time we had a studio description which said there would be 14 total cartoons on this title. Now Warner has provided an updated product description, quoted at the top, which corrects the information to show there will be 22 installments overall. And here's the list of them:
  1. Way-Off Broadway
  2. Martian Mice
  3. Medieval Menace
  4. Abracadumb
  5. The Million Dollar Cat*
  6. Din-O-sores
  7. Invasion of the Body Slammers
  8. I Dream of Meanie
  9. Neapolitan Mouse*
  10. Kitty Hawked
  11. Flamenco Fiasco
  12. You're Lion
  13. Kangadoofus
  14. Monkey Chow
  15. Freaky Tiki
  16. Monster Con
  17. Royal Cat Nap*
  18. Spaced Out Cat
  19. The Two Mousketeers*
  20. Tom & Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl*
  21. Johann Mouse*
  22. Treasure Map Scrap
The six titles marked with the asterisks (*) are classic shorts; the rest are the more modern Tales. The DVD includes the ability to perform instant streaming for all 22 installments via the Ultraviolet digital copy process. Cost is $19.97 SRP for 154 minutes.

Possible new Tom and Jerry show

Posted: January 26, 2012

A while back in November, Warner Bros. Chief Sam Register announced new shows and animated shorts like DC, Looney Tunes, etc… Well, he also announced a new show starring our 2 favorite stars!

Tom and Jerry Show

It hear it will air sometime around late 2012 or early 2013.

Thanks Pat at for the information!

Auld Lang Syne

Posted: December 31, 2011


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