Posted: December 01, 2003

I can't Believe it's December 1, 2003 already! Man! Where did the year go???

Anyway, I got a note from my friend Peter about some Tom and Jerry on DVD:

I came across the Japanese DVDs as an unbelievable price recently. Check out who have the 6 DVDs as individual volumes or a 6-volume set for only $45.95 + $5 postage. The set covers up to TJ093 (Designs on Jerry).

The Region coding on the DVD's are Region 0 so I think that all DVDs can play them. Also, after looking around the site, there are some things on that site that are inappropriate for minors. Parents be mindful if you start looking around for other things besides Tom and Jerry.

This is not the Box set that has been rumored to be in the works through Warner Brothers. No news on that...yet.

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