Posted: December 02, 2003

Rumblings in the from the far corner of the web are brought by the winds of December 2, 2003 and they bring news of DVD.

Ok some info from my friend Peter about the DVD box set from Japan:

Some news on the DVDs, though. They’ve arrived! However, they are not a good set – read on…

It’s not a box set: they came as 6 separate DVDs with no brochure inside, although there are some nice notes on the cover. The artwork is a modern representation, brightly coloured and cute but far from original.

The cartoons are 001 to 093 with the exception of 077 (Just Ducky) – don’t know why that one’s missing – probably a production mistake. They are quite nice quality and the sound is terrific compared to the normal videos. I can confirm that they don’t appear to be pirate versions (that was, of course, a concern) since the quality, the production and the hologram all point to being an authorized and quality run.

However, the sound is not tightly synchronized to the picture. On the whole, the sound is about 0.5 of a second in advance – very disconcerting.

The DVDs are obviously created for the Chinese market since the default language and subtitle is Chinese. Of course, this is changeable but the menus to change the language are also in Chinese. Whoops! Once you’ve figured it out, it’s not too bad.

I haven’t had a chance to look for censorship or editing yet, although 001 (Puss Gets the Boot) and 032 (Mouse in the House) both have the original Mammy Two Shoes voice and skin coloration. Those are the only MTS ones I’ve checked so far

The opening titles start not with the MGM lion but a logo for Buddha Videos who must have remastered – though they can’t be too proud of the job they’ve done on the sound. However the Buddha Video logo disappears when the T&J head-shots come up. Still, it’s horrible to see a logo other than MGM, especially since many of them are different and represent the cartoon design/history.

On the whole, not a set to buy, although if there is no censorship they might have some value.

So there you have it about the DVD news from yesterday. But don't be's some more news sent our way from Dan:

Regarding the Tom and Jerry boxed set that is supposed to come out next year, Jerry Beck (animation historian and producer of several Looney Tunes and MGM cartoon laserdisc compilations as well as having a lot to do with the new Looney Tunes DVD set) has posted some news on his forum: forums

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