Posted: February 25, 2004

Ok, lots of news regarding the DVD's being released in the UK and Germany:

First the UK Press Release:

Tom and Jerry Classic Collection 1 Warner Home Video have announced "Tom and Jerry Classic Collection 1" for release on 5th April. Priced at £12.99 "Tom and Jerry Classic Collection 1" includes Tom and Jerry's first outing "Puss Gets The Boot" plus 23 other classics including:

  • The Midnight Snack
  • The Night Before Christmas
  • Fraidy Cat
  • Dog Trouble
  • Puss 'N' Toots
  • Yankle Doodle Mouse
  • Sufferin' Cats
  • The Bowling Alley Cat
  • Fine Feathered Friend
  • The Lonesome Mouse
  • Baby Puss
  • The Zoot Cat
  • The Body Guard
  • Puttin' on the Dog
  • Mouse Trouble
  • The Mouse Comes To Dinner
  • Mouse In Manhattan
  • Tee for Two
  • Flirty Birdy
  • Quiet Please!
  • Springtime for Thomas
  • The Milky Waif
  • Trap Happy
From the PR:

A comprehensive range of Tom and Jerry Classic Collections are set for release throughout 2004 giving fans of all ages the chance to collect the renowned works of the legendary Hanna-Barbera, Gene Deitch, Fred Quimby and Chuck Jones - a unique opportunity to relive and own part of the Golden Age of Animation.

Collecting together the works of each producer, Classic Collection 1 starts with the cartoons of the great Fred Quimby and also includes the Hanna-Barbera years 1940-1958. Hollywood legend Quimby is largely regarded as creating THE Tom & Jerry episodes. He won seven Academy Awards for various Tom & Jerry shorts and received numerous nominations for his animated works.

Few characters have proven to be as enduring as Tom and Jerry. By far two of the nations most loved cartoon characters the trouble twosome consistently feature in Boomerang's top 3 rated programmes and are highly rated when shown on BBC1 with over half a million fans tuning in to grab a piece of the paw licking, cat scratching action.

Packed full of classic high-octane chases, wild slapstick action, exciting music and visually vibrant colours, such comprehensive cartoon compilations have never been available on DVD before. So sit back and enjoy the excitement, rivalry and friendship of one of the best loved animation double acts of all time!

Look out for Tom and Jerry Classic Collection 2 released on 3rd May 2004!

Here are the covers for the 3rd and 4th collection for the German DVD's:

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