Posted: April 03, 2004

Some news add the very end of the day of April 3rd....

I've decided on a layout and am proceeding to redo the website :-] fun, fun, fun.

So. With that bit of news you all need to be prepared. Why? Well things will get a bit messy around here when I transition the site to the new design. A note to those that have bookmarked pages on this site: the changes I'm doing to the site may affect you. One big change is that after 6 years of operation I will be getting rid of the splash page. I don't see a need for it anymore...granted it looks neat and I may have it up in some capacity it won't be up to greet visitors when the come to

Anyway, just thought I'd give you guys a "heads up" in regards to the site and the changes that will be happening within the next week!

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