Posted: June 01, 2004

Wow June First. Where has the time gone?

Anyway, a quick note today. I'm still working on a forum for this site, so keep your eyes open. But that is not what I'm letting you guys know about. Here's what I'm letting you guys know about:

I HATE SPAM!! Before, it was just a nuisance, now it's gone beyond that. Getting spam is to be expected with a site this large, on top of all the viruses I keep getting, ugh (thank you Norton for catching them all).

There is a site that to help curb the amount of Bulk Email/Spam that hits your email box. The site is: you can go to this service and register your email just like millions of people did last year for the "Do Not Call" list; they will take you off bulk email lists all over the country. If you appreciated the decrease in your phone calls, this service will work the same. Using the Can-Spam Law, we as email users don't have to wait for the government. This is something they can do for us but they need our help. The government still has no timetable set for a "do not email" list. WHY WAIT? Check out and sign up. It is 100% free. If you think this is great pass this along to all of your email acquaintances.

I just signed up today.

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