Posted: August 07, 2004

What the heck happened to the summer! I can't believe it is August 7, 2004! I can't believe I turned 28 a couple days ago and I run a Tom and Jerry fan site! I'm such a geek and I LOVE IT!

To celebrate I have added a Forum to the site!

Yup! You read that right. I have added a forum to Tom and Jerry Online. I call is The Tom and Jerry Clubhouse. This will be a place to discuss all things Tom and Jerry. So since this is the initial launch of the forum, you might run into some problems. Please bear with me since I've been working on this thing for the last couple of months and I may have missed a few bugs. Hopefully, things should run smoothly. :-]

So. Enjoy the Clubhouse! And, Please read the forum rules and keep in mind that this is a family site!

Another thing. Thank you all for visiting my little tribute to Tom and Jerry! I really appreciate all the visitors that come here and share in my love for these cartoons.

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