Posted: August 30, 2004

Just a quick note to let you know that I've added 12 new images to the gallery. Thanks to Kamran and Darryl for providing the all but one image for this update. Also, The images that Kamran sent over are from an ebay auction: 10 production drawings from "That's My Mommy". Click Here to see the auction.

Short notice News:

For those that have the Turner Classic Movies Channel, they will be showing the movie "Dangerous When Wet" with Esther Williams; tonight August 30, 2004.

For those that don't know the movie and how it relates to Tom and Jerry, well there is a segment there where Esther Williams does some underwater ballet routines and she swims with Tom and Jerry. Don't let the title dismay you...this movie was done in 1953, so I'm sure it's clean enough to let your kids watch it...but I've not seen the movie so don't take my word on that. :-]

**Side Note***
I'm planning on updating the site with some new images...I will hopefully have some time this week to do that...but as per usual, no promises. Just know that it's in the works.

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