Posted: September 08, 2004

2 days have passed since I last put up a news post. I got some more information in regards to the news post from the 6th of September.

The five volumes of Tom and Jerry cartoons mentioned on your newspage at are the region 2 United Kingdom release. They comprise 112 early Hanna-Barbera, plus all 13 Gene Deitch cartoons. (which suggests two missing Hanna-Barbera cartoons, although checking the episode listing, so far the only missing one I can find is The Million Dollar Cat). Volume six is apparently going to contain all 34 Chuck Jones produced cartoons. They definitely include many cut versions, cropped versions of most of the Cinemascope cartoons and several have the 'new' voice of Mammy. They are a start, but far from definitive, and I can't think why they left two episodes out of the collection.

Thanks Andrew to the info!

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