Posted: October 20, 2004

October 20, 2004
The Plot Thickens

I got several emails about my post this morning:

I thought I'd let you know that the missing song lyric is apparently only missing in the stereo track and not in the original mono. There are also several other cartoons that have been edited and there's a lot of talk about these edits going on at the two below sights. Jerry Beck has stated that WB is very upset about these edits and they will be offering a replacement.


From what I heard....
The Milky Waif (1946) and The Little Orphan (1948) are edited because of the blackface scenes, but Warner home video will set up a disc exchange to get the uncut versions The Frere Jacques song from Touche Pussycat (1954) I guess was omitted when the cartoon was dubbed in stereo (dunno why) It also seems that most of the cartoons are of the same quality as you see on Cartoon Network or Boomerang,

Here are some links to forum topics about this:

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