Posted: December 18, 2004


Well, it's been a LONG time since I've updated this site with some new images. So as a present to all the regulars of this site that have been waiting for some new imagery checkout the gallery for 24 new pictures. I've also changed the gallery a bit...there are more images per page. So if you've visited before and saw that the gallery had 17 pages and now it's down to 13, don't worry. I didn't take anything from the gallery.

I've heard a few rumblings about there not being a recall on the Tom and Jerry Spotlight collection. I can't confirm anything as I have not had the time to do so. Also, I have not heard anything in regards to the recall that was spoken of a few months ago. Things are being kept quiet about it, so it would seem.

Anyway, Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward men (and women).

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