Posted: January 07, 2005

More news today the 7th of the 1st full week of the 1st month of the year and it concerns my post from yesterday:

the box contains all DVDs of "The Classic Collection" (1-12). The first DVDs were released on 30.03.2004 . Some cartoons are cut and "The Million Dollar Cat" is missing. As far as I know these are the same prints Cartoon Network used to broadcast. But I'm not sure in this. Mammy's voice is the Irish voice in most of the cartoons. If you plan to buy all 12 DVDs, you should buy this box-set, since it's much cheaper than buying each of them seperatly.

A hint would be the review from last year: since it includes the same prints as the box-set.

Also, if you interested:
You can watch "The Cat Concerto" legaly over the internet at Cat Concerto

Thanks for the info, Kamran!

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