Posted: January 26, 2005

I just got these email today, the last Wednesday of January:

Wanted to share some VERY good news with Tom and Jerry fans! There is a dvd pack of Tom and Jerry available on Ebay....IT IS ALL UNCUT! The lettering is in Chinese on the box, and you might have to switch languages on your remote to change from Chinese to English when you play the dvds.

The set contains 10 dvds, all fully uncut. Mammy's voice is the original Lillian Randolph, and all of the blackface and other censored scenes are intact, including the long lost scene in The Milky Waif where Jerry and Nibbles put shoe polish on their faces to fool Tom. The only thing missing is from His Mouse Friday; the cannibal dialogue is missing, presumably gone forever I'm guessing, but the set is great! Prices range from 39.00 for immediate purchase, or you can choose to bid for a lower price. Just go to and do a dvd search for Tom and Jerry. Be careful not to bid or buy the Spotlight Collection, which IS cut!

Thanks Matt for the information.

I also got some interesting information from Cat:

I've been reading the problems you've had with playing foreign dvds in America. Like you I've been trying to get hold of loads of dvds that we can't play here in England because America and Canada play in region 1 (which screws up my xmas presents from canadian relatives).

We solved the problem in our house by going onto and getting a cheap multiversal dvd player for about 20 pounds, that's cheap for England, and it'll play anything, even music cds

but I know you have different plugs, so that's a blindingly obvious piece of nonsense I just gave you... what my canadian family did is buy a playstation 2- the kids play their games on it but it also plays any dvds too because they made it a multiregional player for dvd even though you CANT play the actual games from different regions (the logic is bizarre).

I don't know if this is widely known over there or not but I just thought I'd let you know so you can try it if you didn't. Also, if you find that the german 12 disc collection is definitely not a repackaged spotlight collection, shout it from the rooftops, because I thought they didnt put enough cartoons on the spotlight (and my german is advanced enough to be ablle to read they're not publicising it as anything different from the spotlight...)

Thanks Cat!

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