Posted: February 09, 2005

Ah. February 9. Spring is coming close....I'm happy about that. However, the icy grip of winter is still here. I have a sore throat...again. I dislike the winter. Anyway, enough about stuff that doesn't pertain to Tom and Jerry. On to some Tom and Jerry tid bits.

I started a review on Tom and Jerry: Blast off to Mars. I don't have a full review yet, but I plan on it in the next couple of days. The show wasn't too bad. I was trying to have an unbiased and open minded viewing, but the purist kept butting heads with it. But, it was a fun little show. I'll tell more in my review. I also added Tom and Jerry The Movie to the review list...well to the DVD list. I have already reviewed the VHS. However, I plan on watching it again and re-examing the movie. One strike against The Movie DVD is that it was not released in Widescreen format. *sigh*

Anyway, I'm still avoiding the Spotlight review. I need to just carve out some time to review that one. The documentaries in the Spotlight Collection are most excellent and well worth the price of the set.

Speaking of reviews. Since I'm doing them on several different cartoons, I noticed that the section could use some improvement. I might be making changes to that. Not sure when, though.

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