Posted: September 21, 2005

Just a quick little note. Nothing majorly new except that today the 21st of September I've launched a new version of Tom and Jerry Online that has been optimized for the Sony PSP internet browser. *insert grand fanfare here*

So, for those of you that have the Sony PSP and use it's internet browser you can now enjoy this site more :-]

I have some updates planned for the site. It's slow going now due to projects at work and at home but they are in the works.

Oh...on the DVD front: Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection:V2

Pre-order it from

*** On a side note...question for all you gamers out there. I've been trying to get to NewKidCo's website for the last couple of days to see if they are coming out with any more Tom and Jerry Video Games and haven't been able to get to it. Has any one heard anything about them? Did the go defunct? Did they get bought out/absorbed by a large conglomerate?

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