Posted: October 31, 2005


Ok, this just totally came in under the radar. I was not aware of a new Tom and Jerry being release to DVD. That's right fans, not only does this month bring in Tom and Jerry: The Spotlight Collection volume 2, but this:

I found out about it at Here's the write up off their site:
The always entertaining adventures of TOM AND JERRY just got even more crazy as they enter a death-defying car race in THE FAST AND THE FURRY. With an incredibly lofty abode up for grabs, the winner of the contest will be living the high life, so both Tom and Jerry take to a variety of vehicles as they attempt to win this round-the-world jaunt. Naturally some carnage ensues, and a few world-famous landmarks are left with a few bruises in the wake of the intrepid characters adventures, but it's all executed in the usual, loveable TOM AND JERRY style.

Yup, Happy Halloween fans. I am totally out of the loop since I completely missed this new DVD coming this month. I haven't seen this in the stores yet...then again I haven't been looking for it.

I haven't gotten the Spotlight Vol 2. yet....been too busy this week.

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