Posted: November 09, 2005

Good news and bad news!

Today is November 9 and my news is as follows:

The Good: I got Tom and Jerry the Spotlight Collection vol. 2. It came while I was at work and poped it in my DVD player on my laptop. I watched a couple cartoons...most of the ones with Mammy Two-shoes. I watched "Puss gets the Boot", "Triplet Trouble" and "Saturday Evening Puss"; and as far as I know they have not been edited. This is seems to be pretty good.

now for..

The Bad news: The disc was ordered through and it came to me damaged. Though I was able to view both DVD's and there wasn't a problem while playing. But to easy my mind I contact and got things straightened out. They are sending me a replacement since the DVD was damaged during shipment. So I'm sending the DVD back. I hope the replacement comes non-damaged.

Also, one of the movie news site that I frequent has a review of Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry. I've contacted the author of the article. The site has content in it that my not be suitable for young children. I'll keep you guys posted.

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