Posted: November 11, 2005

Small update today November 11. I've added a review to the DVD/VHS section.

I've added a review for Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry. I did not write this review. Jeremy Butler over at was kind enough to allow me to use his review on the DVD since I haven't gotten that DVD yet. Thanks Jeremy!

****PLEASE NOTE: may contain material unsuitable for young children and the easily offend. is geared toward a more mature audience****

As for the Tom and Jerry: Spotlight Collection Vol. 2 edits I keep hearing about...well I don't hear much. :-[ Home Theater Forum has a thread about it, but from what I gather there were only 3 edits and of those edits they were redubbed. Does anyone have any info on this set? I haven't gotten my replacement DVD from Amazon yet so I don't know exactly what the edits are all about.

****Update later in the day of the 11th****
whoops! I spoke too soon. My replacement DVD came in today...go Amazon! That was a fast turn around. Well...hopefully I can have some time soon to take a look at this collection.

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