Posted: January 13, 2006

Well it's Friday the 13th and you guys are in luck...the good kind.

I've added a new image for those of you that like to color. So head over to the coloring section (the new one is the last one on the list).

In other news, Aaron over at "Aaron's New Tom and Jerry Information Site" sent me this link for the Official site of Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Head on over there and have some fun!

Also, apparently the was a new Tom and Jerry short that was made in September of 2005. It is called The Karate Guard. I don't have much info on it yet...I'm looking into it. Thanks Steve for letting me know!

Speaking of cartoons, I've finally did a little updating to the episode guide and have included the latest ones from Warner Brothers. Thanks to Big Cartoon Database for the information!

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