Posted: March 21, 2006

Well folks it's the day after Spring started and it's snowing outside. Ah winter's revenge.

Anyway, things have been a little weird in Rome's world for the last couple of weeks. I've not had the time to devote to updating the site like I had wanted to. I have a bunch of stuff that I want to put up and do with the site. One of the big things is to clean up the HTML code in this site. No worries, that's not the only thing and that won't be the first thing I do. I'm hoping that in next couple of days or so, I'll have some new stuff up...barring I don't get stuck in a snow drift on my way home or get the flu again...oy!

Oh, I've seen the Karate Guard. I'd say, it was enjoyable. It had a lingering bit of the old classic magic and it had some funny moments.

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