Posted: April 07, 2006

Ah..Spring time is in the air.

Well, I've spent the better part of two weeks cleaning things up on this site. Mostly stuff that doesn't necessarily pertain to you guys. Basically, I cleaned up the HTML and stuff. For those code monkies out there, I've redone this sites code in CSS. Plus some of the data driven areas were revamped a bit. So what the heck does that mean? It means that sometime this weekend (April 8-9, 2006) Tom and Jerry will be "down for maintenece" while I upgrade the code and the pages.

Now..I know some might not like the site being down, so to make up for it I've added some information on Fred Quimby, a translation page (where it has English transcripts of a few cartoons), changed the Release Dates page to Random Trivia. All of this will be released sometime this weekend.

Hopefully, these chnages will make things a bit faster on the site.

So there is your heads up for things happening on Tom and Jerry Online on April 7, 2006.

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