Posted: September 19, 2006

Ok...I did it...I've updated the gallery.

Yes, 2 days after my news post I have done it!. So head over to the gallery and enjoy the nearly 200 screenshots of Title Cards and cut scenes. Thanks to whomever sent those to me...oh so long ago.

In other news, I just got this email informing me about the Spotlight Collection recall:

I called the Warner Home Video a number of weeks ago about the envelope for the Tom & Jerry replacement discs and they still haven't arrived. So, I just got off the phone with them and they said they are waiting until they get a certain number of orders before they send them out. She said maybe next week. So, I just thought I would let you know so that you can remind your readers that they sooner they order their replacement discs the sooner we all will get them.

Thanks Terry for letting us know!

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