Posted: January 5, 2003

Well, Happy New year! A new year, a new update!

Today is the 5th day of the new year and I have added a new section to the Tom and Jerry site. I've added a coloring section! I only have 2 images in the section, hopefully I will be able to find some more to add. This section is going to have "outlined" images for coloring purposes. So, for those of you looking for coloring books for your kids and are frustrated with the lack of them, try the next best thing and head over to the Coloring area and print some things out for your kids to color.

Also, January marks a wonderful milestone: 5 fun filled years of the Tom and Jerry Dedication Page/Tom and Jerry Online. Happy Birthday Tom and Jerry Online, from me, Rome! Thanks to all for being a part of this site for these years.

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