Posted: January 28, 2003

Mark your calendars for the February 11th or just pre-order it now!

Tom and Jerry - Whiskers Away from

The Episodes:

Cruise Cat
Neopolitan Mouse
Posse Cat
The Two Mouseketeers
Mucho Mouse
Cat Fishin'
Texas Tom
Cat and the Mermouse
Million Dollar Cat
Tom and Jerry at The Hollywood Bowl

The Special Features:

Full Frame
English, French, and Spanish Mono track
Jerry's Funtastic Voyage challenge

This is the description off of amazon:

"Tom and Jerry: Whiskers Away follows the duo from Italy to Texas and everywhere in between with these 10 action-packed cartoons that showcase the best traps and funniest escapes in animation history. At 72 minutes, the DVD has special features such as How to Draw Tom and Jerry and trailers."

I heard a rumor that Pecos Pest might be on it, but from what I got on Amazon it looks like it might not be. I guess I'll just have to buy the DVD and find out.

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