Posted: February 8, 2003


The Update! Today is February 8, 2003 and on this day I give you:

14 new images(Page 13)
3 new wallpapers
Add an image of Sidney Elephant in the characters section(which is just a small version of an image that is in the new batch of images that I put up)

Also, some news on the DVD front! 3 more days till the release of Tom and Jerry: Whiskers Away! Order it from Amazon or just go to Best Buy

In the next couple of weeks or so I'm going to be changing a few things around. Mostly in the gallery area. I'm going to be reorganizing all the images and make the gallery function a little diffrently and more efficiently. Plus, it will help me out quite a bit on the coding front. The only thing that will be affected are the link stealers. The gallery change isn't because of you guys, I don't mind too much (just give me some credit) it's that the gallery, and the site for that matter, has gotten large to the point of needing a little tweeking to make things easier for me to update and manage.

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