Posted: March 22, 2003

March the 22nd, the day after Spring.

Added some info about Shug Fisher, the voice actor for Uncle Pecos. I've also added an area for the Crew, the people involved with Tom and Jerry. I only have a few people so far, but eventually I'd like to put more in there. Anyway, it's here: The Crew.

I've added 3 pictures to the gallery. 2 pics that have been added are scans from a boc of Tom and Jerry fruit snacks. The fruit snacks were found at a Safeway in Colorado and they are a Safeway brand. So if you have any Safeway's near your home go there and get these snacks!
Thank you for the scans, Alan!

I have also adding one of Mammy Two Shoes. This is a rare one INDEED! The pic that is up actually shows a portion of Mammy's face!
Thanks Jerry, for the image!

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