Posted: April 07, 2003

Today is the first full week of April. Yeah!

Anyway, nothing new to report or add or anything. Just felt like mentioning this: For those that have been coming to the site alot may remember last summer that TV Guide ran a poll for the greatest cartoon characters of all time. Check out the July 30, 2002 new posts if you want to see what transpired with that. Basically we were able to make Tom and Jerry number one. Anyway, I went back to the site recently and found that they are on the number three spot.

Now why is this so important that I post something about it, since this is just a poll (an old one at that) and doesn't have too much baring on things...well, because in my own little world I want Tom and Jerry to be on top! :-] Call it pride or vanity, but I call it a small victory in getting Tom and Jerry the recognition they so richly deserve. :-]

Anyway, here's the link to the TV Guide Poll.

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