Posted: June 13, 2003

DVD's, DVD's!

Some very good news and some news to approach with caution.

Today is the Friday the 13th, oooo scary! And in keeping with that theme I just found out that Warner Brothers is releasing "Tom And Jerry: Hijinks And Shrieks" on August 19. I don't know what is going to be on this DVD or not. The 3 dvd sites I went to don't have much info on the content. That's the good news. Thanks Brett!

The news to approach with caution is this:
"Warner Home Video has revealed that in late 2003/2004, Complete, Chronological, Uncut theatrical Tom & Jerry cartoons are coming to DVD. They are being restored by cartoon historians, who are also doing major restorations to all classic Warner Brothers cartoons (and now, they are doing some Popeye cartoons). The previous DVD releases and the one in August were put together by a different group, which was associated with Warner Family Entertainment. Well, Warner has realized their mistake and the WB and Tom & Jerry cartoons will be done by the Warner Home Video group from now on (NOT THE FAMILY ONE!!), with 'oodles of extras aimed at animation fans' (said a WHV worker)." Thanks Dan for the info!

This news sort of confirms a rumor that I saw on the Big Cartoon Database Forums. I'm still cautious when it comes to news like this, after all this is the internet. :-] I'll keep you posted as I hear more

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