Posted: July 02, 2003

Happy July 2nd and almost Independence Day!

Good News on the DVD front! I was searching around for any info on the DVD, checking some of the animation new sites and found this chat session that was held at the Home Theater Forum...

The chat has a lot of information about Warner Brothers releases on DVD and on of the questions posed is about the Tom and Jerry DVD's. The response is near the middle of the chat session. So to save you the search for it (unless you are really interested in some of the forthcoming DVD release and even if you are not read the whole thing)..Anyway, this is Warner Brothers response to the question:
TOM & JERRY collections will arrive with uncut, complete theatrical version cartoons starting next year. This will include all the cartoons made by Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera for MGM between 1940-1957. No plans for Tiny toons or Animaniacs

Again I have nothing substantial to offer in terms of really news about the DVD's. So right now in my mind it still exists as a rumor.

And now for something completely different.

I've been asked a few times about a quote, that was stated in 2 Tom and Jerry Cartoons: "Mouse Trouble" and "The Missing Mouse", after Tom gets pummeled really badly he sticks his head out and says "Don't you believe it", and where it is from. Well, after a few inquires (Thanks BCDB and the guys in the forum) we speculated that the phrase may have come from a commercial of sorts. Something a kin to the "Where's the Beef" campaign of the 80's. But if any one has any more info about the phrase, send it my way. I'd like to know where it trully came from.

Lastly, I know, I know, I've done more news updates than anything else. Reason is my life is crazy and my weekends are booked solid. I will try to get in an update of some new images and POSSIBLY new sounds sometime this month.

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