Posted: July 23, 2003

News on the DVD front! No not the box set, per se. I got this in an email today:

They are part of

The DVDs are produced in Chinese. They have English soundtracks and spoken word as well as many Chinese styles and subtitles. They are fair quality. No worse than the ones on television. The opening credits block the MGM logo and show a "Buddist Video" logo. The menus are in Chinese but it's easy to navigate the disk. Has scene selection and will play one after another without going to the menu. I received my six disc set yesterday. Not bad for $45.95. For some reason the same discs are $75 on but they show the covers on their site.

The discs are Region 0 to play anywhere.

Thanks Brian for the info.

I don't think this is the rumored DVD boxset that Warner Brothers is working on.

In other news! "Tom and Jerry:Hijinks and Shrieks" is being released on August 15, 2003. I found it here on Amazon. I have yet to find out any specifics about this DVD. I've been to several sites and only found it on Amazon and I think this may be a NEW Tom and Jerry cartoon, much like the "Magic Ring" was. I guess we'll find out next month.

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