Posted: August 01, 2003

More news on the DVD front, brought to you today the First of August and sponsored by the letter "T".

I got an email yesterday with a link to a cartoon forum that has the episode listing for Tom and Jerry: Hijinks and Shrieks. These are the cartoons:
The Flying Cat
The Missing Mouse
Two Little Indians
Touche, Pussycat
The Flying Sorceress
Is There a Doctor in the Mouse
Haunted Mouse
Here's the Thread if you are interested.

Thanks Daniel!

I also got this email from a happy ebay customer:

"...wanted to mention that I was able to purchase a 10 volume, 5 dvd set of the MGM Tom/Jerry cartoons off eBay. It was region 0, so it plays fine in my dvd player or computer. The quality is wonderful (this isn't a duped set, it's an original). It's in English, with Japanese subtitles as an option, but RUSSIAN audio as an option. I don't think it's the Asian version you link on your site, because that set has a different order of episodes when I compared it to mine. This set almost seems like a European version. It's from WB, so I'm betting that this is the basic set that the WB will eventually release here in the States (the one we've been reading about recently)."

Just thought I'd pass the info off to you guys.

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