Character Name

First Appearance
"Dog Trouble" 1942

Voiced by: Bill Thompson and Dawes Butler.

A stern bulldog who's particularly disapproving of cats, but a softie when it comes to mice. Spike has a few weaknesses that Tom tries to capitalise on: his possessiveness about his bone and his ticklishness.

Relationship to Tom and Jerry
Friend to Jerry
Not that fond of cats.

Featured Cartoons
"Dog Trouble", 1942
"The BodyGuard", 1944
"Puttin' on the Dog", 1944
"Quiet Please!", 1945
"Solid Seranade", 1946
"Cat Fishin', 1947
"The Invisible Mouse", 1947
"The Truce Hurts", 1948
"Heavenly Puss", 1949
"Love that Pup", 1949
"Slicked-Up Pup", 1951
"Cat Napping", 1951
"Fit to Be Tied", 1952
"The Dog House", 1952
"That's My Pup", 1953
"Life With Tom", 1953
"Hic-cup Pup", 1954
"Pet Peeve", 1954
"Barbecue Brawl", 1956
"Tops with Pops", 1957
"Tom's Photo Finish", 1957