Character Name
Mammy Two-Shoes

First Appearance
"Puss Gets the Boot" 1940

I'd put a biography here, but I think the best place for information would be to go here:

Ultimate Mammy-Two-Shoes website

Relationship to Tom and Jerry
Owner of Tom for most of the 1940's and a little of 50's

Featured Cartoons
"Puss Get's the Boot", 1940
"The Midnight Snack", 1941
"Fraidy Cat", 1942
"Dog Trouble", 1942
"Puss 'N' Toots", 1942
"The Lonesome Mouse" , 1943
"The Mouse Comes to Dinner", 1945
"Part Time Pal", 1947
"A Mouse in the House", 1947
"Old Rockin' Chair Tom", 1948
"Mouse Cleaning", 1948
"Polka-Dot Puss", 1949
"Saturday Evening Puss", 1950
"The Framed Cat", 1950
"Sleepy-Time Tom", 1951
"Nit-Witty Kitty", 1951
"Triplet Trouble", 1952
"Push-Button Kitty", 1952