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Posted: August 5, 2002

As a birthday present to myself today the 5th of August, I decided to accidentally delete my mail folder. ARRGGHH!!! Ok, I only lost a couple emails from that past hour. I've made it a point to answer emials as soon as possible. I need to pay attention more when I permenately delete emails containing virus, instead of permenately delete my entire folder without any possible way of recoving. Thanks a lot Microsoft, for not pandering to my gross incompitence. :-] I'll stop beating my self up, now.

So if you sent a message today please send it again so I can respond to you. I apoligize for this.

Posted: August 2, 2002

Ok, can I say you guys ROCK! Tom and Jerry is Number 1 on the poll on TV Guide's web site. What does that mean? Don't know, but it's really cool! Hopefully someone at TV Guide will take notice of it and realize the error of putting Tom and Jerry at the bottom of their list :-]

***Update to today's Post (Aug 2)***
The TV Guide Poll made it to MSNBC! Check out the article HERE.

***update (aug 6)***
Noticed some articles on that MSNBC page that would inappropriate for younger readers so I took the link off.

Posted: July 31, 2002

Just a quick note, an addtion if you will to yesterday's news. Check out TV Guide's web site. They have a "Vote for your favorite cartoon character". And since they put Tom and Jerry as number 50 I think that we need to show them that they made a mistake by voting to make Tom and Jerry number 1. Unfortunately you can only vote once.

Posted: July 30, 2002

Just a quick note today, July 30. I picked up a TV Guide yesterday due to the cover, "50 greatest cartoon characters of all time". I was over joyed and baught it when I flipped through and found Tom and Jerry amongst them (naturally). However, to my dismay, they were number 50!!! An outrage! I guess I shouldn't complain, they are getting some recognition, they still need to be higher on the list. Ah well, at least they are on it.

Posted: July 24, 2002

Good News Everyone! Mark your calendars! August 15th is the day you need to be aware of!

Tom and Jerry: War of the Whiskers will be release on Playstation 2! You can pre-order it here from

Posted: July 23, 2002

July 23, Rome returns to his soapbox and addresses his visiters:

First off, sorry for the lack of updates, life is been pretty busy for me on a personal level with family stuff and buying a new home, but I am working on getting some new things up.

Anyway, on to why I have gotten on my soap box again. I love listening to internet radio, however, this fledgling industry is in trouble! In a nut shell, legislation was passed that will affectivly kill internet radio based on royalty payments that would bankrupt the broadcasters.

How can you help? Go here: Save Internet Radio and write to Congress! Why should you do this? Because most radio stations are awful, playing the same music over and over again. No originalitly, annoying djs, dumb commercials, and music that is just not good. Granted there are good stations out there and some good music out there, but the good stuff hardly gets airplay thanks to the Corporate machine. Plus there is NO variety and most of the music that I like isn't even played on the radio. Anyway, before I go into an endless tirade about this, I will stop. After all, this is a Tom and Jerry site, not an editorial site :-]

Please support the cause of saving internet radio!

Rome steps off his soap box to get things for the next update.

Posted: June 28, 2002

I just remember today, the 28th of June, an email that was sent to me last week. A visitor from England sent me this email regarding the release of Tom and Jerry on VHS on July 8th:
Basically they are volumes 3 and 4, following on from the first 2 volumes that were released a few months ago.

Volume 3 contains the following episodes :

Cat Fishin', Part Time Pal, The Cat Concerto, Dr Jekyll and Mr Mouse, Salt Water Tabby, A Mouse in the House, An Invisible Mouse, Kitty Foiled, The Truce Hurts, Old Rockin' Chair Tom, Professor Tom.

Volume 4 contains :

Polka dot Puss, The Little Orphan, Hatch Up Your Troubles, Heavenly Puss, The Cat and the Hermouse, Love That Pup, Jerry's Diary, Tennis Chumps, Little Quacker, Saturday Evening Puss, Texas Tom.

You can see the cover artwork and get all the details from

Thanks Dean for the info.

Posted: June 17, 2002

Good News Everyone!
This morning of the 17th of June I got this link to a New Tom and Jerry game! Thanks D for the link!

Here's a link to a EB's page for a new Tom & Jerry game called "War of the Whiskers"

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