Leading Kid's Video Game Publisher Adds Two More Titles To Its Successful Line-up of Video Games Featuring The Infamous Cat and Mouse

NEW YORK, NY - 15 May 2001- NewKidCo, a leading publisher of video games for today's young kids, announced plans to release two new games for the next generation of hand held and set top consoles. TOM AND JERRY: THE MAGIC RING for Game Boy® Advance will be released in October of this year and TOM AND JERRY IN WAR OF THE WHISKERS for PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the release date to be set later this year. "Tom and JERRYTM," one of the most famous cartoon series ever made, was created by legendary animators William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Each game will capture all the classic elements of the immensely popular "Tom and Jerry" cartoons.

"We are delighted to be bringing out two new Tom and Jerry games," said Henry A. Kaplan, CEO of NewKidCo. "These great characters have delighted audiences for years, and will easily make the transition to the next generation of gaming systems."

TOM AND JERRY: THE MAGIC RING for Game Boy® Advance Coinciding with a brand new feature-length exclusive-to-video release from Warner Home Video, Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring, this side-scrolling action/adventure brings the movie's fun home. Tom and Jerry's curiosity get the best of them when a magic ring that Tom was supposed to guard with his life winds up stuck over Jerry's head. Now, Jerry must find a way to free himself of the ring while fleeing from Tom - who wants to take it off any way he can.

Key Features

  • Adjustable difficulty levels, catering to players with any level of experience
  • Play as either Tom or Jerry
  • 8 environments and multiple themed arenas
  • Features a multitude of weapons and clever ways to use them
  • Co-stars a supporting cast of Tom and Jerry characters including Spike, Tyke, Nibbles and Duckling and Butch the bulldog

TOM AND JERRY IN WAR OF THE WHISKERS for PlayStation 2 In the new console's first beat-em-up game designed for a family audience; players will be able to select from the largest Tom and Jerry cast ever assembled, and battle it out within a variety of arenas styled after timeless cartoon scenarios. Headliners Tom and Jerry, are joined by Spike, Tyke, Nibbles, Duckling, Butch as well as surprise appearances from some characters not yet seen in a Tom and Jerry game. Featuring advanced character animation, and a huge arsenal of weaponry; each arena will have its own set of props, and take damage during the brawl as characters shatter windows, break furniture and smash panels open to reveal special animated sequences and hidden power-ups.

Key Features

  • Largest selection of characters and arenas in a Tom and Jerry game to date
  • Advanced character animation and high resolution character models
  • Interactive environments with special level events that can radically alter the course of the brawl.
  • 4 modes of game play including: single player, two player "vs." mode, team and tag-team battles

Both games, geared towards the 6-12 years age group, as well as older fans of the series, will faithfully recreate the legendary cat vs. mouse contests that so many generations have enjoyed.

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