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2002 News Archive

POSTED: December 29, 2002

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas!

So the third to the last day of December I give you my final update for the year 2002. It is a link! :-] For those of you that are searching for Tom and Jerry jewelry look no further than here: http://www.thebirdhouse.com/dept3/

With that, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

POSTED: December 22, 2002

Finally had some time today, 22 Dec 2002, that I played an really fun game. Thanks to the people of NewKidCo.! Tom and Jerry: War of the Whiskers is a really FUN game. Ok, here's the scoop: as with anything with Tom and Jerry there is fighting involved. This is a fighting game, in the vain of Tekken, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, but without the realistic blood, gore and violence. This has safe cartoon violence...what did you expect from Tom and Jerry? You get to play as individual characters and go through 5 levels of combat to unlock another character.

This is just a fun game! I am having a blast playing the game!! The controls take a bit of getting use to and there are some moves that the computer does that I can't seem to figure out how to do...yet :-] There are 11 characters to play as: Tom, Jerry, Spike, Butch, Nibbles, Tyke, Duckling, Eagle, Monster Jerry, Robot Cat, and Lion. I'll try to get some screen shots soon; but with the Holidays being here, updates may not happen for a while.

So for those last minute Christmas Shoppers, might I suggest getting Tom and Jerry: War of the Whiskers for that Tom and Jerry fan with the Playstation 2! I may be too late to order, but you can always get the game or DVDs at Best Buy, Circuit City, Wal-mart.

With that, have a Merry Christmas!

POSTED: December 21, 2002

Only 4 more days till Christmas and what do I bring but lots of links to do your shopping...

For those of you that like to ride motorcycles:


or those that have cell phones http://www.ahdoc.com/tienda/index.html Search around the site, they have Tom and Jerry "faces"

or those that like figurines: http://pages.tias.com/7602/PictPage/1921007755.html


POSTED: December 15, 2002

I couldn't stop...I've added 2 more wallpapers today December 15.

Also, for those that are looking for a personal check design with Tom and Jerry on them, look no further than: Clarke American

POSTED: December 14, 2002

As promised...I made some updates, though only minor. Today is Saturday the 14th of December and I've added Clint Clobber and Sidney Elephant to the Character bios page. These characters where in a few episodes during the Gene Deitch years.

I've also added 4 more pics in the Wallpaper section...2 that I designed.

I've fixed the displays on the news archive...for those 4 people that actually check the archives.

More updates to come.

POSTED: December 13, 2002

Just a quick head's up today, December 13th.

Tom and Jerry videos! Volumes 1-6 are already available (as have been reported) but volumes 7 and 8 are due for release in the UK on 10th February.

Check out: http://www.blackstar.co.uk/circle/search?words=tom+and+jerry

Thanks Pete for the notice.

I'm looking to do some more updating here in the next couple of weeks...hopefully sometime around Christmas :-]

Also, just got an email from a fan:

They've posted the episode guide to the February '03 release of the new Tom & Jerry DVD. Go to www.dvdtoons.com.

Thanks Mike for the info!

I'm happy and sad at the same time...the details say that the episodes are in full frame and I noticed that a few of them were originally in Cinemascope. I wished they'd release things in their original glory! Ah well, beggars can't be choosers, I'm happy that more Tom and Jerry DVD's are coming out.

POSTED: November 18, 2002

Ah the weekends...I finally had a weekend all to myself just to relax and watch movies. One DVD in particular was watched yesterday afternoon to allow me to review (sort of) it here today, November 18.

Chuck Jones: Extremes and In-betweens. A very good documentary on Chuck Jones and I'm not saying that just because I'm promoting it. The focus is more on his years at Warner Brothers, since that's were most of his career was spent and that is what he is most know for. They mention his work on Tom and Jerry for only a minute or so. So for any information or work about Tom and Jerry that you are hoping for in this DVD, you won't find it. Regardless of that, Chuck Jones was a master director and one of the best in the business. So if you are fan of animation and the people behind them, this is a good DVD to add to your collection; Especially if you really dig Warner Brothers cartoons. I'll right a more detailed review and description of the DVD soon.

So if the Powers That Be ever stop by here, how about something like the Chuck Jones dvd for William Hanna, Joseph Barbera, and Gene Deitch documentaries!?!

POSTED: November 13, 2002

November seems to be a busy month for this site..anyway. For those of you that are interested in original art, Christine is selling an original drawing of Jerry. Email here for specifics about it.

Email Christine.

Here's the image of the piece she is selling: Jerry

He's only 3" x 2" on the paper but he's matted & framed with a brush color spot next to him of which he use to be painted.

POSTED: November 12, 2002

Man! The updates just keep coming this month. The 12th of November is the 4th time this month that I've added some things.

Today I bring you information on Scott Bradley, the brilliant composer of music for Tom and Jerry, courtesy of Peter Morris, lecturer in Film Music at the University of Surrey in England. He's also looking for any information about Scott Bradley and/or Carl Stalling, he's working on his PhD. So if you have anything send him an email at P.Morris@surrey.ac.uk and send it to me as well. I'm always looking for more info on anyone that was involved with Tom and Jerry.

Thanks Peter for the information on Scott Bradley!

POSTED: November 6, 2002

After a rather bland and dreary day today the 6th of November, Kamran informed of something FANTASTIC! At least for me and my ego :-] This site made "Site of the week" at Pars Online. It's awesome to see how universal these cartoon characters are!

Thanks Kamran for the heads up!

POSTED: November 4, 2002

Monday 4 Nov 2002
HAZAH!!!! I've found some merchandise!

The Japanese are sooo lucky. First the get the DVD Box now I stumble upon this site http://www.ne.jp/asahi/tom-and-jerry/goods/komonohtm/accessories.htm.
For those into antiques:
From England: http://www.vintagestuff.co.uk/tom_&_jerry.htm

POSTED: November 3, 2002

The first full week of November and the first day of the week, Sunday the third brings you the update that has been promised:

I've updated the Wallpapers with 2 new images.
I've added 9 new pictures to the gallery. They're on page 15.

In other news, I received an email the other day from a source that I have been dreading getting an email from since I put this page up...Warner Brothers. To my surprise it was a good email! They wanted me to let you guys know about Chuck Jones: Extremes and In-Betweens the new DVD about Chuck Jones. I don't know if it has any Tom and Jerry info in it. I would assume that it would since Chuck did a few Tom and Jerry toons, but I really don't know.

Check out the Press Release!

POSTED: October 30, 2002

The eve before Holloween and I'm back from my trip and ready to get busy with some updates. First off I want to say I LOVE Europe....I found a lot of Tom and Jerry Stuff out there, it depressing coming back to the States and having no Tom and Jerry products to purchase. I'll be scanning some images from the products that I bought. I also have a few other things in the works as well. Stay tuned! I should have some stuff up this weekend...hopefully :-]

POSTED: October 10, 2002

Oct. 10 - Apology.
I would like to apologize for bringing your hopes up that I would have updates by now. As such, life and computer problems have prevented me from posting anything new. Unfortunately for the site, I will be heading out of town...well, out of country, for a 2 week journey; so there will be no updates till sometime around the end of October. I want to update and need to update, but I haven't had the time to devote to the site. I should still have access to the internet while I'm gone since I will be frequenting the internet cafe's...I'm such an addict....so I will be able to answer your emails, though the response time will not be as fast as the usual response time. Thanks for your patience.

POSTED: September 15, 2002

Today is Sundy the 15th of the month of September and well, my life has sort of settled down from my move and I now I have some time to do a little updating. I'm working on getting some more images up on the site in a couple of weeks so keep a look out for them.

POSTED: August 12, 2002

Dateline August 12
The News:

"Just to let you know that, according to www.blackstar.co.uk there will be volumes 5 and 6 of Tom & Jerry on VHS (pal) released on September 9th 2002. It does not yet say which episodes will appear."
Thanks Dean for the info!

Plus on the collectors front, here's something interesting:

"Pick up a current DC comic book (batman will do), the most recent DC issues feature beautiful 2 page center fold ads for War of the Whiskers. The ads are in full color and feature a great image of Jerry whalloping Tom with a mallet. There are a couple of shots of the game and the standard advertising fare about the game's features.

Here's where it gets interesting: Each game aparently comes packaged with a "free" T&J comic book produced by DC Comics! These are the same people that bring us Batman and Superman every month so the quality could be high.

Of course, as is typical with these cheesy promotional give aways the comic book could be a low budget 6 page rush job that misses the point of our beloved cartoon stars. In any event it will sure interest collectors."

Thanks Dave!

I haven't picked up the comic yet, but it's on my shopping list :-]

Oh! Here's a bit of news. The TV Guide poll has Tom and Jerry down from it's first place position, beaten by Homer Simpson. Though I am a big fan of the Simpons, I still think Tom and Jery needs to regain the throne of Number one :-] So if you want to vote again here's the address: TV Guide.com

POSTED: August 5, 2002

As a birthday present to myself today the 5th of August, I decided to accidentally delete my mail folder. ARRGGHH!!! Ok, I only lost a couple emails from that past hour. I've made it a point to answer emials as soon as possible. I need to pay attention more when I permenately delete emails containing virus, instead of permenately delete my entire folder without any possible way of recoving. Thanks a lot Microsoft, for not pandering to my gross incompitence. :-] I'll stop beating my self up, now.

So if you sent a message today please send it again so I can respond to you. I apoligize for this.

POSTED: August 2, 2002

Ok, can I say you guys ROCK! Tom and Jerry is Number 1 on the poll on TV Guide's web site. What does that mean? Don't know, but it's really cool! Hopefully someone at TV Guide will take notice of it and realize the error of putting Tom and Jerry at the bottom of their list :-]

***Update to today's Post (Aug 2)***
The TV Guide Poll made it to MSNBC! Check out the article HERE.

***update (aug 6)***
Noticed some articles on that MSNBC page that would inappropriate for younger readers so I took the link off.

POSTED: July 31, 2002

Just a quick note, an addtion if you will to yesterday's news. Check out TV Guide's web site. They have a "Vote for your favorite cartoon character". And since they put Tom and Jerry as number 50 I think that we need to show them that they made a mistake by voting to make Tom and Jerry number 1. Unfortunately you can only vote once.

POSTED: July 30, 2002

Just a quick note today, July 30. I picked up a TV Guide yesterday due to the cover, "50 greatest cartoon characters of all time". I was over joyed and baught it when I flipped through and found Tom and Jerry amongst them (naturally). However, to my dismay, they were number 50!!! An outrage! I guess I shouldn't complain, they are getting some recognition, they still need to be higher on the list. Ah well, at least they are on it.

POSTED: July 24, 2002

Good News Everyone! Mark your calendars! August 15th is the day you need to be aware of!

Tom and Jerry: War of the Whiskers will be release on Playstation 2! You can pre-order it here from Amazon.com.

POSTED: July 23, 2002

July 23, Rome returns to his soapbox and addresses his visiters:

First off, sorry for the lack of updates, life is been pretty busy for me on a personal level with family stuff and buying a new home, but I am working on getting some new things up.

Anyway, on to why I have gotten on my soap box again. I love listening to internet radio, however, this fledgling industry is in trouble! In a nut shell, legislation was passed that will affectivly kill internet radio based on royalty payments that would bankrupt the broadcasters.

How can you help? Go here: Save Internet Radio and write to Congress! Why should you do this? Because most radio stations are awful, playing the same music over and over again. No originalitly, annoying djs, dumb commercials, and music that is just not good. Granted there are good stations out there and some good music out there, but the good stuff hardly gets airplay thanks to the Corporate machine. Plus there is NO variety and most of the music that I like isn't even played on the radio. Anyway, before I go into an endless tirade about this, I will stop. After all, this is a Tom and Jerry site, not an editorial site :-]

Please support the cause of saving internet radio!

Rome steps off his soap box to get things for the next update.

POSTED: June 28, 2002

I just remember today, the 28th of June, an email that was sent to me last week. A visitor from England sent me this email regarding the release of Tom and Jerry on VHS on July 8th:
Basically they are volumes 3 and 4, following on from the first 2 volumes that were released a few months ago.

Volume 3 contains the following episodes :

Cat Fishin', Part Time Pal, The Cat Concerto, Dr Jekyll and Mr Mouse, Salt Water Tabby, A Mouse in the House, An Invisible Mouse, Kitty Foiled, The Truce Hurts, Old Rockin' Chair Tom, Professor Tom.

Volume 4 contains :

Polka dot Puss, The Little Orphan, Hatch Up Your Troubles, Heavenly Puss, The Cat and the Hermouse, Love That Pup, Jerry's Diary, Tennis Chumps, Little Quacker, Saturday Evening Puss, Texas Tom.

You can see the cover artwork and get all the details from www.blackstar.co.uk

Thanks Dean for the info.

POSTED: June 17, 2002

Good News Everyone!
This morning of the 17th of June I got this link to a New Tom and Jerry game! Thanks D for the link!

Here's a link to a EB's page for a new Tom & Jerry game called "War of the Whiskers" http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/categories/products/product.asp?pf_id=220983

POSTED: June 4, 2002

I was bored over the weekend and so I was able to do some typing. Why is this important? Well, the fruits of that labor resulted in some information updates to Tom and Jerry. Today is Tuesday, June 4 and that brings you a complete episode synopsis of the MGM Tom and Jerry years. In addition to the Gene Deitch and Chuck Jones years, I now have the early Hanna and Barbera work.

I also went through the links page and cleaned out the dead links. I've added a few more, too.

POSTED: May 31, 2002

With today being the end of May and me staying late at work I was able to do some updating. I've updated the DVD/VHS list. Though there are only 3 entries, I plan on having more sooner or later...most likely later :-] But the structure and layout is done.
I've also added 2 sorta new pictures. They were stuck in the news archives and I brought them out.

POSTED: May 17, 2002

On my lunch break today the 17th of May, I went through some of my old bookmarks and found this: http://www.stamp-search.com/stampsearch.html.
Do a search for Tom and Jerry and you will find a sheet of stamps from KYRGYZSTAN. There are 2 Tom and Jerry stamps on that sheet.

Later that day Ok so work is boring and I have nothing to do. So I decided to do some more updates....I've added a new page for DVD/VHS information. I only had time to added the information for the Japanese DVD Box Set. I'll try to get more info up sooner or later.

POSTED: April 29, 2002

Well, it took a little longer than I expected, but I finally put up some more info about the video games. As of today, April 29, you can see quicktime movie previews of Fists of Fury. I got the info and movies from IGN 64 many years ago.

POSTED: April 12, 2002

Today, April 12, I decided to do a little updating. I've added some more game screen shots from several NewKidCo games. I stumbled upon this stuff when I was going through a backup cd. I have a some Info and more screen shots for Fist of Fury that I still need to put up, so expect that sometime within the next week or so.

POSTED: April 1, 2002

I'll spare you guys any Tom-foolery on this, the April the first. Today, I've put up sounds from "The Flying Sorceress". Check out page 5 on the sounds pages and it's on the bottom of the page. Enjoy! Sorry for the huge file sizes on the sounds, but hey I'll justify by saying that it's high quality sound :-]

POSTED: March 28, 2002

Well after my rant yesterday I kinda felt bad so to make it up to you guys I'm going to put a few pics up and some new sound files. Look for them sometime in the next couple of days, either tomorrow March 29 or April 1.

POSTED: March 27, 2002

I stand on my soapbox to do a little rant today, March 27, 2002.

As I was checking the news this morning, part of my daily routine, I found this article that angered me to the point of writing a rant. Here's a link to the article:

...on second thought, after writing my rant and reading it, looking it over, and thinking for a sec; I will not post it. I really don't want to unleash a firestorm. So I'll just say this. No cartoon will ever change my view of people or a people group. I'm old enough now to think for myself and form my own opinion. I agree with the Constitution..."We hold these truths to be selfevident, that ALL men(and women) are created EQUAL"...a cartoon is a cartoon, it's not real life. If something offends me on TV I use a little tool called a remote and change the channel. That's my rant, my opinion. I had more to say, but this is a family site. That and I didn't want to get any hate mail. :-]

I leave you with 2 questions to think about...Whatever happened to common sense? Whatever happened to parents talking to their kids about these types of issues? Ultimately, it's up to the parents, NOT TV execs, telling their kids what's appropriate and what's not.

Rome, gets off his soapbox.

POSTED: March 18, 2002

As promised, today March 18th brings my review of the New Tom and Jerry cartoon: Tom and Jerry The Magic Ring. My review will be in 3 parts, DVD details (I have the dvd, so the review is based on that), the casual viewer review, and the purist review; here goes:

The Cartoon is 62 minutes long
2 Vintage Tom and Jerry 'toons: The Flying Sroceress and The Haunted Mouse
Behind-The-Sences stuff
Some History/trivia stuff
Games for the kids
English, Spanish, French language options
No widescreen, present in Standard fromat :-[

The Casual Viewer
Ok, first off, I was a little worried about this toon. After the Tom and Jerry Movie I was leary about another attempt at a new cartoon. My apprehension was thrown out the window when I started watching this. I laughed! There were some really hysterical parts in it that I couldn't help but laugh out loud. The animation was smooth. You can kinda get into the show and have fun watching it. I think the kids would love this cartoon. All the major players from Tom and Jerry's earlier cartoons show up. I was wondering if they were going to throw some characters in and sure enough they did. I enjoyed watching cartoon and it was only an hour long. A big bonus is that Tom and Jerry DID NOT TALK!!!

The Purist Review
Ok, this is where I will rip the toon to shreds from the perspective of one who has grown up with the classics and has a certain level of expectations for new Tom and Jerry cartoons. Spoiler Warnings, I will reveal certain aspects of the story and the characters that show up. Note that these are my opinions. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed watching the Magic Ring but I have a few problems with it and most of it is nitpicky stuff. So take this review with a grain of salt.

The chases seemed a little forced. Usually with the classics the was a reason a chase started. Most of the time it felt as if they were chasing for the sake of chasing each other. I think that the creators of this cartoon needed to study the classics a little more for reference on the chases. I did feel that the chases had the later Hanna-Barbera Tom and Jerry flavor to them. The interaction between Tom and Jerry was a little stiff. In the classics the relied on the characters body language to convey a wide range of emotions and expressions. In The Magic Ring the realied on more vocal expressions, though they didn't talk per say, they still used vocal sounds (when you see it you'll understand by what I mean).

The Cameos...great! I was happy to see that the classic characters showed up, those being: Spike and Tyke, Butch, Nibbles and Muscles. However, Butch didn't look like butch or sound like Butch at all. Muscles was not portrayed as Jerry's cousin and his name was Freddie. Both Muscles/Freddie and Spike and Tyke acted more like thugs than what they were normal portrayed as in the classics. Another shocking cameo was that of Droopy and the Irish-accented Bulldog (Droopy's nemesis in a few of the Droopy cartoons, his name is Spike as well). WHY? Why are these two in this movie. I thought is was kinda cool, but Droopy and the Bulldog were never in any Tom and Jerry Cartoon. One, they may have been done at MGM but Droopy was all Tex Avery. Now, there may be those that mention Droopy being in the later Hanna-Barbera cartoons, but from those later ones that I've seen, Tom and Jerry and Droopy never share screen time.

I am stoked that they released 2 Vintage Tom and Jerry, however, The Flying Sorceress was released in widescreen when I was first released. The showed the opening and closing credits in widescreen but the cartoon was presented in standard. I was not happy about that...I want it in widescreen dagnabit! But beggers can't be chosers and I'm glad that they release a couple more classics. I can only hope that they will release the rest of the Classics on DVD. Hopefully, UNCUT!

So this is my rant, don't let my few gripes prevent you from watching this new Cartoon, it was fun and entertaining.

POSTED: March 17, 2002

Ok...Today is St. Patricks Day (17 march 2002)...so Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Anyway, yesterday I bought and today i watched Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring. Overall, not too bad. I'll try to write a review tomorrow if I have time.

POSTED: March 8, 2002

I sit; in front of my computer today, the 8th of March 2002; corrected and using poor grammatical structure in my sentence. I recieved an email yesterday correcting me on some information on the Japanese DVD's that I posted on January 29. Here's part of the email that I got:

I have the three sets, sp-3, sp-4, & sp-5. They are edited, mostly to remove blackface gags. They don't have all the edits that the Cartoon Network versions have, but they are not uncut. Some edits are done by the Cartoon Network for broadcast. These were not included on the dvd set. The cuts made by Turner, who owns or owned Tom and Jerry, were included. The Little Orphan, The Milky Waif, A Mouse in the House, Old Rockin' Chair Tom, Part Time Pal, and others are all cut. The Little Orphan has the same cut that the American dvd has. I've counted about 10 of them so far with edits(I haven't watched all of them yet).You can go to: http://tomandjerrycartoons.com/tjedits.html to see a list of most of the edits made to Tom and Jerry, then compare them with the shorts on the Japanese set.

Thanks, Dan, for pointing that out to me!

POSTED: March 5, 2002

NEWS: 5 MARCH 2002
Milestones have been reached this year! Amazing Milestones! Stupendous! Fantastic Milestones...ok enough with the gushing milestone stuff. You are all probably wondering what these milestones are, well let me tell ya...

The first milestone was reached in January. It was the four year anniversary of this site! I didn't make a big deal of this, because, well, I'm a guy(stereotype warning). Dates and anniversaries are lost on me :-]

The other milestone was reached last month. Tom and Jerry Online received more than a MILLION hits last month! I still can't believe it. Thanks guys for supporting this site and all the great emails that I keep getting!

POSTED: February 25, 2002

February 25, 2002
I'm and soo out of the loop this weekend. I just came into work and found out that Chuck Jones passed away on February 23, 2002. Though he is noted more for his work at Warner Brothers he did work on 34 cartoons. He will be missed.

I'll try to get some info up about him. If you want to send a tribute to Chuck Jones head over to the BBC: Send your tributes to Chuck Jones.

By the way, I'll be working on putting his obituaries up today...so things might get a little messy on the Obituaries page :-]

Sidenote: Work is slow so I was able to get the obituaries up for Chuck Jones...man I'm depressed.

POSTED: January 29, 2002

NEWS: Here's the scoop, Thank you Sung for the info...

I got a few emails regarding the Auction link that I posted last week. This email, from Sung, pretty much explains what is up with the Tom and Jerry DVD's:

...The set is from Japan. Japanese people love Tom and Jerry. The DVDs however are Region 2 meaning they can only be played in Asian DVD players. When you first get a DVD player, you set the region when you play a DVD to American (region 1) and from then on you can only play North American DVDs. You can also buy a DVD player just for the Asian DVD watching and just set that DVD to Region 2. Or get a DVD kit (such as Eagle modification kit) and modify your DVD player to become region free or you can go and buy a region free DVD player from a place like http://www.dvdoverseas.com if you don't already own a DVD player. (a little more expensive but well worth the extra dollars)

I have found a website that sells these DVDs http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/Listups/anime/tom-and-jerry.html The prices are very reasonable and they have some special T& J DVD sets. In the link that I gave you, the DVDs are all scattered everywhere. So I have organized them (with catalog numbers) for easier viewing.

(This is the Best Deal)

Tom & Jerry Set 1 [Disc 1-4] $38.82 SP-3
Tom & Jerry Set 2 [Disc 5-7] $38.82 SP-4
Tom & Jerry Set 3 [Disc 8-10] $38.82 SP-5

Tom & Jerry DVD Academy Collection $15.59 DL-65465 (13 academy award winning episodes)
Tom & Jerry DVD Academy Collection /w limited edition Tom stuffed doll /w gown ($32.74) SD-17
Tom & Jerry DVD Academy Collection /w limited edition Jerry stuffed doll /w gown ($29.62) SD-18
Tom & Jerry DVD Academy Collection /w limited edition Tom stuffed doll w/o gown ($29.62) SD-21
Tom & Jerry DVD Academy Collection /w limited edition Jerry stuffed doll w/o gown ($29.62) SD-22

Tom & Jerry Encore Box Vol. 1-5 ($93.54) First Pressing limited edition Tom-1 (out of print)
Tom & Jerry Encore Box Vol. 6-10 ($93.54) First Pressing limited edition Tom-2 (out of print)

Tom & Jerry Vol. 1 HB-59919 $15.59
Tom & Jerry Vol. 2 HB-50146 $15.59
Tom & Jerry Vol. 3 HB-50298 $15.59
Tom & Jerry Vol. 4 HB-50298 $15.59
Tom & Jerry Vol. 5 HB-53922 $15.59
Tom & Jerry Vol. 6 HB-53923 $15.59
Tom & Jerry Vol. 7 HB-54584 $15.59
Tom & Jerry Vol. 8 HB-54585 $15.59
Tom & Jerry Vol. 9 HB-54586 $15.59
Tom & Jerry Vol. 10 HB-54587 $15.59

(This was the one that was for sale on Ebay)

Tom & Jerry Vol 1 & 2 Box (First Limited Edition) TJ-1 ($37.42)
Tom & Jerry Vol 3 & 4 Box (First Limited Edition) TJ-2 ($37.42) (this is not in stock)
Tom & Jerry Vol 5 & 6 Box (First Limited Edition) TJ-3 ($37.42)
Tom & Jerry Vol 7 & 8 Box (First Limited Edition) TJ-4 ($37.42)
Tom & Jerry Vol 9 & 10 Box (First Limited Edition) TJ-5 ($37.42)

All these episodes are uncut and unedited and many of them have bonus features. These are not the Cartoon Network ones so they weren't butchered in any way. I also went to tomandjerrycartoons.com and they talk about the Encore box 1-5 and 6-10. but it said it was 280 dollars when it is really 180. but it's out of print.

Thanks again Sung!

POSTED: January 23, 2002


A fellow Tom and Jerry fan emailed me this little link: http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1504920601. They are autioning off the 5 DVD set for Tom and Jerry! Last I checked the bidding for this was at $190.50. With 12 hrs remaining in the auction. I've not heard of this set, nor do I know where the guy got the discs. Thanks Sung for the tip!

POSTED: January 14, 2002

Congratulations to all the winners in the Tom and Jerry: the Magic Ring give away!

Winners were notified today via email. Please note that if I don't hear back from any of the winners by the 21st of January a new winner will be chosen.

POSTED: January 11, 2002

The Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring Give-Away Contest is almost to a close. Today, January 11, 2002 is the last day to enter!

Besides the end of the contest, I thought I'd inform you about a new section. Desktop Wallpapers! I got 7 images of different screen resolutions to choose from. Enjoy!

POSTED: January 11, 2002

Ok, you guys are lucky, i guess. :-] Due to major family obligations the contest is being extended through this weekend. I don't have time to devote to it this weekend.

POSTED: January 2, 2002


As many of you may already know, NewKidCo is releasing Tom and Jerry games. Their latest release is Tom and Jerry: the Magic Ring for the GameBoy Advanced.

I have FIVE Tom and Jerry: the Magic Ring games to give away. The contest starts today the 2nd day of the new year and ends on the 11th day of January of this year!

ENTER TO WIN! Contest Closed

You will receive an email confirming your entry. If you do not receive an email confirmation, the email address you supplied is invalid. I've already had a couple entries bounce back to me as "undeliverable".

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